• Raw materials for manufacture of roofing tiles, floor and wall tiles, decorative ceramics, bricks and blocks, clay pipes
  • Mineral and chemical characterisation of foundation materials and roadstone
  • Foundation clay surveys
  • Identification of mineralogical composition of concrete


  • Ore - mineralogy and chemical composition
  • Mineralogical studies for disposal or reprocessing of tailings


  • Evaluation of unknown substances in contaminated industrial sites
  • Mineralogical studies for disposal or reprocessing of tailings
  • Monitoring for respirable quartz and other toxic substances


  • Mineral and chemical characterisation of aggregates, quarry products and marine dredged aggregates
  • Determination of silica and carbonate content of sand


  • Studies into impurities in bio-glass for dental implants
  • Quality control of synthetic osteogenic composites for orthopaedics
  • Identification of metal fragments contaminating milled feedstock for herbal tablet manufacture


  • Characterisation and quality control of heat-resistant formulations and cements for furnace linings


  • Mineralogical and chemical analysis of refractory clays and raw materials


  • Calc-silicate brick identification
  • Weathering of pyrite-bearing building materials

Oil and gas

  • Hydrocarbon reservoir geology
  • Formation evaluation
  • Source rock investigation
  • Mineral depth profiling
  • Unconventional applications
  • Pipe scale, drilling mud and contamination product identification


  • Determination of titania polymorphs for the pigments industry
  • Mineralogical analysis of jewellery beads to support identification for gemmologists
  • Investigation of re-use of spent drilling mud for cat litter
  • Identification of contaminants on cocoa beans in storage
  • Characterisation of suspect iron ore provenance