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X-ray Mineral Services

X-ray Mineral Services Ltd. was established in 1997 to provide a high quality X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analytical service primarily for the Petroleum Industry. We have a fully equipped laboratory located in the United Kingdom and offer a confidential, comprehensive and efficient XRD and XRF analysis at a competitive price using fully trained and experienced personnel.

The company has expanded rapidly over the last 19 years and now provides exclusive analytical services to a substantial number of petroleum service companies and oil companies. In addition X-ray Mineral Services has expanded its client base and now works with many new sectors from tile manufacturers to medical companies. Geographical experience over this period has included projects from numerous global areas of petroleum exploration and production.

Our laboratory is equipped for the most advanced XRD analytical techniques which include spray drying facilities for preparation of bulk-rock XRD powders together with innovative interpretation software including 'Search-Match' with PDF-4 (Minerals) ICDD database, 'Siroquant' for quantitative phase analysis and High Score+ with PDF-4 (Minerals) ICSD database for interpretation and Rietveld analysis.

In 2016 X-ray Minerals invested in a brand new XRF Spectrometer calibrated to offer quantitative results of up to 21 major elements using 56 certified reference materials. In addition an Automatic Fusion Machine was also purchased enabling X-ray Minerals to produce high quality fusion beads and fast turnround times.

We are an independent company which allows us to retain impartiality and confidentiality in all of our business areas. Our aim is to provide an accurate and efficient service using well-established X-ray analytical techniques. Our staff work closely with clients to identify the aims and objectives of all projects in order that a successful outcome is obtained. In the performance of all analytical techniques, quality control is paramount and to this end we strive continually to develop and improve our quality control system to provide a fully quality-assured service that complies with current best practice.